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Alphabet challenge: HIJKLM

My challenge to follow the alphabet (according to country) when eating out in Paris continues with a flurry of recent restaurants… Advertisements

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Hipster Hotspots around Faidherbe Chaligny, Paris

I like in a hive of hipsters down the road from Bastille, on the border of Paris’ 11th and 12 arrondissements. Here’s where they go, and where I go sometimes too when I can be dragged out of my pyjamas … Continue reading

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Eat for Free in Paris

Free Food in Paris. No catch* The title pretty much says it all. There are a few bars in Paris where you can get get free food after ordering a drink. And no, before you say it, the drinks are … Continue reading

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Un hôtel très particulier…

Are you looking for an almost top secret address in Montmartre where you can enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail in a garden like this? Read on… Well, ok then. I’ll tell you where it is… But you need to … Continue reading

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Beer + Nuns

Drinking in a convent garden Hidden between the Gare de l’Est train station and the canal Saint Martin lies the old Les Récollets convent, now home to the Maison de l’Architecture, a centre for research, and the trendy Café a.   The inside … Continue reading

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Fawk off, Guy

 La Fête des Vendanges, Paris anthrovik They don’t do Guy Fawks’ Night in France. They don’t really even get what it is… and explaining that we like to set fire to giant straw dolls dressed up as Catholic rebels only confirms the … Continue reading

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Don’t waste your weekends, get out of Paris!

Escaping Paris I don’t know about you, but a lot of my weekends go a bit like this:FridayIt’s the WEEKEND!7pm – Sprint out of work.7.30pm – Do something practical that I haven’t been able to do all week; like buy … Continue reading

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