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Paris Lit Up

New on the Paris Literary Scene Paris knows how to seduce the writer. She has played host and inspiration to some of the most famous minds to date. We’re not just talking French, either. Paris attracts writers like a moth to … Continue reading

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Fawk off, Guy

 La Fête des Vendanges, Paris anthrovik They don’t do Guy Fawks’ Night in France. They don’t really even get what it is… and explaining that we like to set fire to giant straw dolls dressed up as Catholic rebels only confirms the … Continue reading

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100 Thousand Poets for Change

“Poets, musicians, songwriters, and artists from across the planet in a demonstration/ celebration to promote serious social and political change.” A poetry evening to fight the evils of the world * I like the sound of this, although I have to admit the … Continue reading

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Daylight Robbery

Being (almost) robbed in Paris. I’m going to tell you what happened to me on Saturday so that you too are prepared if you ever find yourself in a similar situation… CONTEXT I needed to buy plant pots for the … Continue reading

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A Sh*tty Saturday

The underground scene in Paris. Want to know what the *best* thing to do on a hot Saturday afternoon in Paris? Take a trip down the sewers, that’s what. And that’s exactly what I found myself doing the other weekend… … Continue reading

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I wish I were a Swede

L’Institut Suédois in Paris… Fika! Whenever I go to the Marais, I never manage to do what I went there for.  Instead, I discover the museum that I tried to get to last time, but never did. Or I stumble across … Continue reading

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Le Clos Montmartre

Paris Vines  “List some French wine-making regions” “The Loire. Rhone. Bordeaux. Burgundy. Alsace. Jura. Paris.” “…Paris?” DID YOU KNOW? …That Paris has her very own vineyard, perched high on the slopes of Montmartre, the area known by tourists thanks … Continue reading

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