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Secret Indians

Indian restaurants in Paris So you thought that streets of buzzing Indian restaurants were limited to British and Asian shores? Paris is sadly known for having little to no good places to go for a proper naan, despite a large … Continue reading

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Get Your Skates On!

Having been here now for two years in all, there has been something I’ve been desperate to try, but from which I have always chickened out at the last moment. Pari Roller flickr creative commons acme Every Friday evening (*as … Continue reading

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Secret Passages of Paris

So you heard about the catacombes underneath Paris, but subterranean strolls just weren’t your thing. It was dark….and dirty. Then, in an effort to discover off-the-beaten tracks in Montmartre, you found each charming alleyway packed with more paparazzi than the … Continue reading

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L’Ecurie Restaurant

Dining out in Paris, you will never have a problem with finding a restaurant. You may, however, find yourself a little taken aback by just how expensive eating-out can be in the French capital. Perhaps haute cuisine of Michelin … Continue reading

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Graffiti and Hiphop

Things are heating up in Paris and, with the sunshine, spending the weekend outside is mandatory. Taking my own advice, I went along to the Graffiti All Starz for Japan, a two-day graffiti project organised as part of the Quinzaine … Continue reading

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