Alphabet restaurant challenge: A-D!

Partner and I have decided to get out of our routine and play a new resto-game, where every time we go out for lunch or dinner (probably once a week/ten days) we have to follow the letters of the alphabet – country themed! This started a month ago, so here’s where we’ve been so far (with only one poor decision and a minor cheat.)

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Tous au resto – BOGOF dinner


This week marks the starts of Tous au restaurant, an initiative from the French government to encourage its citizens to eat out more (not that they needed much encouragement.) From your family-friendly Hippopotamus diner to exclusive Michelin-starred bistros, Tous au restaurant presents a buy-one-get-one-free offer where, for the price of one entrée-plat-dessert (plus sometimes a cheeky amuse bouche), you can invite a friend for free. Obviously drinks aren’t included, but it still means you can treat yourself to a dinner that would otherwise be well outside your budget. Nice.

Some of the best restaurants (in Paris, although Tous au restaurant is nationwide) with this BOGOF offer include:

Rech (Alain Ducasse), 75017

ChaCha & Compagnie, 75003

Luna, 75008

Le Meurice hotel, 75001

Agapé, 75017

Tous au restaurant, 18 September – October 1, 2017.

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Hipster Hotspots around Faidherbe Chaligny, Paris

I like in a hive of hipsters down the road from Bastille, on the border of Paris’ 11th and 12 arrondissements. Here’s where they go, and where I go sometimes too when I can be dragged out of my pyjamas #FreelanceLife. Actually no, I have gone to some of these in my pyjamas.

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Paris Urbanism: Updates

Today we’re looking at the future of Paris. What will the city look like in a few years, or even in a couple of months’ time? Here’s a selection of some of the Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s projects that have been approved recently. I think I like Anne.

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10h10: Co-working, cake and canapés


The co-working café craze doesn’t look like it’s running out of steam. I was invited to check out a relatively new one in the Sentier district, “10h10“. Two doors down from one of my first jobs in Paris, as it happens, so I sprinted past the window in case any colleagues from 2011 were still there…


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Fête du vélo (Bicycle Party) 4/5 June


With Mayor Anne Hidalgo pushing to reduce pollution and pedestrianize central Paris as much as possible, the city’s cyclists are rubbing their hands together and stretching their calves in preparation for a bicycle take-over…

Join the  revélotion© and celebrate the annual Fête du vélo from 4-5 June 2016.

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Interview with Lilac Yosiphon – Althea Theatre

This year sees the first edition of the exciting Paris Fringe Festival. In order to draw attention to the event, and find out a little more about one of the participating groups, I spoke to Lilac Yosiphon, the Artistic Director of Althea Theatre. Althea Theatre is an international theatre ensemble who will be performing their play “There’s No Place Like” at the festival on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May.


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